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The Arctic Long Term Ecological Research (ARC LTER) site is part of a network of sites established by the National Science Foundation to support long-term ecological research in the United States. The long-term goal of Arctic LTER project is to predict the effects of environmental change.

Station Descriptions and links to data:

Toolik Field Station Met station at Toolik Field Station (68 degrees 38'N, 149 degrees 36'W) since June 1988. Data collected include: air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed at 1 and 5 meters, wind direction at 5 meters, global solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), barometric pressure, precipitation, soil temperatures, lake temperature, lake depth, and evaporation pan depth and pan water temperature.

Toolik Moist Acidic Tussock station (68 degrees 37' 27" N, 149 degrees 36' 24"W) was added in 1990 to measure soil and air temperatures and other weather parameters in the experimental plots in moist acidic tussock tundra near Toolik Lake.

Toolik Wet Sedge station (68 degrees 37' 57" N, 149 degrees 37' 32"W) was started in 1994, this site measures soil and air temperatures in the Inlet Wet Sedge Experimental plots (Block 1) near Toolik Lake.

Toolik Moist Non-Acidic Tussock station (68 degrees 38' 7" N, 149 degrees 38' 26"W) was added in 1999 to measure soil and air temperatures in the experimental plots in non-acidic (pH ~ 5.88) moist tussock tundra.

Sagavanirtuk River station (68 degrees 46'N, 148 degrees 52'W, elevation 470 m) was first started in 1986 recording data during the summer months. In summer of 1993 the station was maintain year round.

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